Interior Car Cleaning Stations

We have multiple interior car cleaning stations complete with interior cleaning vacuums, fragrance stations, carpet shampooers, and conveniently located trash cans.

Interior Car Cleaning Stations Vacuums

Our interior vacuum cleaners are ergonomically designed to fit under the tight spaces in your car. The power of our vacuums is strong to pick up most dirt, dust, and anything else your car might need. We also have trash buckets conveniently located for easy dumping of all of your trash.

Interior Car Cleaning Stations Fragrance

Our fragrance stations have a multiple fragrances choices to get your car smelling fresh, clean, and to your liking.

Interior Car Cleaning Stations Carpet Shampooer

Our carpet shampooers are designed for cleaning your car’s carpets. They spray out a carpet cleaning foam that is designed for cleaning interior car carpets and a brush to clean out stains and other messes.


Our interior car cleaning stations are coin operated machines. We have bill breakers on site and usually have an attendee on site to help with any questions or problems. Visit us today at 3398 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.