Self-Service Car Wash

We have six Self-Service Car Wash Stations at our location at 3398 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. Our self-service car wash stations (like most of our facility) are both coin and credit card operated. We also usually have a technician on site to ensure your car wash will be worry free.

Self-Service Car Wash Santa Rosa

Coin Car Wash Santa Rosa, California

Our self-service car was stations come complete with a brush/sprayer and a variety of options and setting including:

  1. Soap
  2. Rinse
  3. Wax
  4. Spot Free Rinse
  5. Presoak
  6. Hog Hair Foam Brush
  7. Tire and Motor Cleaner

With our wide array of washing options, we are sure you’ll be able to achieve your car wash goals with our self-service car was stations.

If you don’t always carry a pocket full of quarters, don’t worry because we keep with the times here at Avenue Car Wash. We have bill breakers on site ($10 or less) as well as credit card swipes on our car washes.

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Our Wobble Head Brushes

$5 couponThe brushes we use come with Wobble Head technology. This is a feature that ensures the brush is always clean and doesn’t store dirt within the brush.

Here’s how it works:

At many self-service car washes, you get people who try cleaning their cars with the foam brushes without paying money. Because they don’t pay for the service, there is no foam coming out of the brush and that is a problem. Dry brushes store dirt and other materials when used without a constant stream of cleaning foam. This dirt and debris can cause scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle. The Wobble Head technology makes it so that our brushes bend and flex to the point that they are unusable unless the service is paid for and our cleaning foam is flowing through the brush. Once foam is flowing through the brush, the brush becomes firm, stable, and usable for cleaning your vehicle. This ensures that the brush you use on your vehicle at our self-service car wash will be clean and won’t cause scratches or swirl marks to your vehicle.


Improper use of the Wobble Head brush Improper use of the Wobble Head brush Improper use of the Wobble Head brush

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